Date Night at Temaki Sushi

Last weekend, I spent 30 hours in a car with my sweet boyfriend, Scott, my lovely mother, Kim and my crazy talented and fun sis, Hannah. We road tripped it to Cedar Rapids, Iowa from Fort Worth for my cousin, Ellie [now] Hamilton’s wedding. Slight diversions (like visiting KC’s Jack Stack BBQ or cruising through OKC; and, of course the fact that Kimbo completely underestimated the drive time) made for a long car ride. We bonded. We ate lots of crap. And, we had an absolute blast in Iowa. Coming back to my dad’s roots and my childhood was so refreshing-from jumping on the trampoline I was obsessed with as a kid (and still am) to chatting with cousins I haven’t seen in years and picking up conversations like old friends. After what felt like a freaky-fast flashback to good ‘ol family times, it was kind of hard leaving and coming back to reality. After a long Monday and an even longer Tuesday, Scott and I decided we were overdue for a desperately-needed date night.

Cayenne Roll

We headed out to a spot we’ve been meaning to try along Magnolia and while walking towards the restaurant, we had to fight the urge from getting a table at our usual go-to for weeknight dinner & drinks, Benito’s. We branched out to check out Temaki Sushi (directly across from Ellerbe). This spot looks like nothing fancy from the outside; but step inside, and you’ll be so excited to find modern, clean lines amongst comfortable colors and welcoming environment. Expect scrumptious sushi, sake, shrimp chips, fried rice and french macaroons. For this evening, that’s all I can vouch for, but it looked like Temaki had some pretty delicious rolls, and apps, among other things. Try the Cayenne roll. The owner, Alex is super friendly and helpful; after recommending french macaroons for dessert, I knew this was a place I needed to come back to again and soon. They take sweet, chewy french macaroons and stuff them with fresh fruit, a mascarpone/cream and you’ve got yourself a macaroon version of an ice cream sandwich. It’s a little dangerous how close Temaki is because I could make a serious habit of those.

Temaki Sushi |1504 W Magnolia | 817.810.0438

Check it out for lunch or dinner. Open Tues-Saturday.


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