Fairmount Forever

Near Southside

The Fairmount Neighborhood, just off Magnolia Avenue is one of the most precious neighborhoods I’ve ever seen and now am a part of.  What makes it so sweet isn’t just the uber-friendly people, hipster vibes, historic homes, local artisans, restaurant row, or the incredible transformation it’s undergone as of late, but there’s a sort of quirkiness that’s comfortable and inviting, but also inspiring, a little weird, (in such a good way), and always happening.

This entire area is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace; in fact, most of the original Fairmount homes have been completely restored or renovated, and much of those that are in bad shape will be flipped in no time. The housing purchase process was a testament to that it won’t be long before all of the homes in this area are brought back to their full potential. What was once a not so good area of Fort Worth, has now been referenced as a little pocket of Austin, somewhat like South Congress 15+ years ago. <<<See Austin Statesman article>>>. There’s something special at work here, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you. In the past couple weeks, Fairmount hasn’t failed. No matter what kind of mood I am on the way home from work, turning onto Magnolia makes me happy, giddy–partly, because it’s I’m coming home to my first house, and that’s such a great feeling, but as you drive down Magnolia, you can sense the heart and soul of the neighborhood alive and all around. So alive, it’s making it a little dangerous living here.

As much as I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s and my new kitchen, I’m finding every excuse to go out for dinner. There’s so many places I’ve somehow yet to try, and every place is just as delicious as the last. Bearded Lady, a new bar/patio that reminds me of a localized version of the Ginger Man just started serving food, so I definitely need to try that. I also just discovered the amazingness of Hot Damn Tamales and had no idea it was a full-service restaurant…amazing. Oh, and those french macaroons I mentioned last week? I’ve ordered them three times since…Avoca Coffee, which backs up into our backyard is always a temptation when walking Oliver in the morning, and about 1/2 of the time I give in. Next on my list to try other than Bearded Lady’s eats: King Tut’s, Cat City Grill and Z’s Cafe. Do you have a favorite place off Magnolia I should try? Let me know in a comment below!

Magnolia Avenue


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