Cool off with a Maui Wowi

Maui Wowi

Hot days call for cool cocktails, and nothing tastes better than a slushy-style martini during the summertime.  I highly recommend purchasing a magic bullet. Actually, I have two somehow so if you need one, let me know! It makes it so easy to blend small ingredients together like the mangos below that make this cocktail. Cheers!


  • Vodka
  • Mango lemonade from Trader Joe’s
  • frozen mangos
  • Topo Chico or any soda water

Mix 2 parts vodka, 1 part lemonade and stir (or shake if you’re fancy). Blend frozen mangos, 1 tablespoon water, and a couple ice cubes. Mix with the lemonade and vodka, and enjoy.  You could also add in mint, lime (I squeezed 1/2 into the bullet and it was delish) or more vodka 😉


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