Going Vintage off Vickery

Everyone knows one of the best places to find vintage decor & furniture  in Fort Worth is right off I-30 and Montgomery, Montgomery Antique Mall, but if you continue on Vickery towards Bryant Irving, you’ll find a antique boutique-style shop owned by a lovely woman, Joanne Jenkins, who has an eye for the best finds! Each time I walk in, I fall in love with another incredible piece to add to my antiques by Joanne collection; thus far: a bedroom vanity, bedroom dresser and an adorable step stool. Best part of all three purchases is that they’re in amazing shape, no work needed and all at an affordable price.

French Art Deco Vanity circa 1940 with Moroccan-mirrors 

When buying an antique vanity: Make sure to check the mirrors-as that could bring on a bigger project than you might be expecting. Also, keep in mind where and how you might be sitting and lastly, how much storage you need.


Dresser with “fire” wood design 

The most important thing for me, when purchasing an antique dresser is to make sure the drawers work; otherwise, it’s not going to be functional. You can most definitely play up different woods which in my case, they are both in the same family, but not matching to the extreme.

antique dresser

Italian-made wooden step stool

Especially if you are vertically-challenged like myself, a step stool can be a really fun accessory. I bought this one below and although it looked great in the natural wood, I painted it a bright turquoise to be that pop of color I needed in the kitchen.

Happy antiquing! What are your favorite finds?


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