The First Step

My first week of Sumits Hot Yoga teacher training has brought me out of my comfort zone, exercised my body and my mind’s limitations, introduced me to an incredibly talented and amazing group of people and most enormously, brought on a lot of change. In a season filled with on-the-go/ pre-holiday anxieties and potentially <<<Mercury in retrograde,>> early November has been filled with different kind of shifts (neither good nor bad) happening all around. From changing up my daily routine of sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day to practicing and learning yoga: the physical, philosophical and anatomical foundations. From living with my boyfriend and pretty much child (Oliver) to living with my parents – to simply making the time to focus on my yoga.

It’s a pretty incredible thing though to be able to have the time to practice twice a day.  Don’t get me wrong, It’s exhausting as I’ve been in bed by 9pm most nights because I simply can’t keep my eyes open, but it has been an amazing time to reflect. I imagined the training would strengthen my practice physically, and it absolutely has. For example, the first night we held several challenging poses for five minutes each – with our eyes closed.

However, I didn’t realize how much the training would challenge me mentally. One of the biggest and strongest takeaways this week – that has only just reinforced the truths I’ve learned thus far in life – is that so much of our life is controlled by the mind. We are always one thought away from a good mood. One shift away from a good experience. And, sometimes we just need a little change to stimulate that. This week’s training has also proved that the yoga isn’t about the physical postures we do. It’s only a small part. The first part is making up your mind. The first step is deciding to make a change.

The first step in the right direction


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