Teacher Training

The biggest takeaway from my 200-hour teacher training with Sumits Hot Yoga in Arizona, is that everything and everyone are connected through the life force of energy. We are all so unique and different, but in a way, we are all the same. In the past few weeks, we learned about the anatomical systems, explored the history and philosophy of yoga and what it means to be a true yogi. We experienced different practices like Yin, Nidra, Acro Yoga and Flow, and learned about the chakras, the nadis and the bundhas of the body. Above all of these things though, sharing this intimate experience with such an amazing group of people, has led me to become a better teacher, a better student and a better human being. I have learned so much from each individual in the training, but the ladies who I was fortunate to have spent every waking hour with during the weekday training, have contributed so much to my experience. They’ve inspired me, guided me and have shown different perspectives to help me better understand what things are like for others.

Leslie has taught me how to be a better listener, how to be open to change and how to follow your heart. She’s shown me that anything is possible when it comes to your dreams. Not only is she beautiful inside and out, but crazy talented. Watch one of her music videos, “If I Run“.

Katie has taught me how to be more kind, compassionate and understanding. She has showed me that even a simple touch, hug or minor yoga adjustment can make such a beautiful difference in one’s practice or day.

Judy has taught me how to stay grounded, live in the moment and be a true leader by example and strength. She’s inspired me to take things steps at a time, to learn from the past, and to appreciate each day as a gift. I can’t wait to take her Yin and Nidra classes someday!

Lindsey has taught me how to forget about the everyday crap we deal with, that things aren’t has hard as our mind makes them out to be and how to have fun even when things are challenging. She’s off to do great things, and I can’t wait to visit her in Denver!

Jelena has taught me how to live in confidence, be strong and smile even when you’re sweating your ass off. Her worldly perspective has also reminded me of my passion for travel and to pursue it as often as I can.

Annelle has taught me how to treat others with kindness without expecting something in return. Her honesty reminds me to be true to myself and to my strengths and that passion is worth pursuing–no matter what obstacles we may encounter.

Finally, Heather who I’ve gotten to know the best after living together this month, has taught me how to live in the here and now, and not just think or do, but feel from the heart. She’s taught me that being a mother is the best gift in the world and that it’s okay to indulge in that persistent sweet tooth.

These beautiful women, along with Sumit, Dayna, Julie, Kim, all the other amazing teachers who assisted during the program, and all of my other fellow trainees helped to show me that life isn’t worth living if you’re time is spent thinking about money, work, or your appearances, but it’s all about love and taking the time to express your love for your passions, your friends and your family. It is extremely bittersweet that training has come to an end, but I couldn’t be happier to have completed this chapter in my yoga journey and opened up a new page to what comes next. Namaste.




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