Treat Yo Self at Melt Ice Creams

One of my absolute favorite places, Melt Ice Creams is where you can find THE best craft ice cream – not just in Fort Worth – but I would have to say, the world. Melt is where happiness is made and served up to smiling faces like me, over and over again. Their flavors change every few weeks, so there’s always something new to try, plus your tasting the freshest ingredients. What I love most about Melt though is the sense of community that is shared here. Located on Rosedale Ave, Melt has transformed this corner and street into a really vibrant place. If you haven’t been, you have no excuse as I will be happy to accompany you anytime. It’s a great spot for the community to gather and enjoy ice cream.

I remember talking to my sweet friend, neighbor and creator of Melt, Kari Crowe a couples years ago about her idea to open an ice cream shop, and I thought it was pure brilliance. How was there not a craft ice cream (the best dessert of all time) shop in Fort Worth, let alone the Near Southside? It was really amazing to see Kari turn her dream into a reality by making the most wonderful ice cream in the most welcoming space. Like many great places in this area, what makes them enjoyable and memorable experiences are the incredible people behind them. Kari’s built an incredible team, so anytime you stop by, you’re sure to be welcomed with a smiling face ready to scoop up some happiness. Not only is Melt flourishing in Fort Worth as a community hotspot and well-known favorite, but they are doing a pop-up in Dallas over the next few months, so our friends to the east can now get Melt Fridays-Sundays!

Follow Melt on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their current flavors. Each phenomenally crafted menu offers something sweet, something light, something vegan and all delicious. You’ll find yourself tasting new flavors and combos you’ve never imagined, and pleasantly surprised. Last night, I tried the vegan coconut curry and it was delicious. I also really loved the Nectar of the gods (think nectarine creamsicle) flavor. Do you have a favorite Melt flavor? I’m always a fan when Avoca Coffee is involved and pretty much everything Kari does.

Details: Melt Ice Creams, 954 W. Rosedale Ave. | You can visit Melt Tuesday-Sunday. Plan ahead for a case of the Mondays and purchase a pint (or two) to hold you over. Dallas: Melt is popping up in Oak Cliff for the next 3-6 months inside Urban Acres (1605 N. Beckley Ave. Dallas, Texas 75203) farmstead market Friday-Sunday: 11 am to 9 pm.

Melt Heart Opener


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