Heim BBQ has all the Meats and is Worth all the Hype

I’m not sure there’s a better time to resurrect this blog, and I can’t think of a better place to highlight than Heim BBQ. Since my last post, I’ve been a little busy, but Fort Worth has too. Over the last year, I got married to my soulmate, experienced the honeymoon of our dreams, changed jobs from the corporate 9 to 5 and am now working from home—doing what I love. But all of that is nothing compared to the growth I’ve seen here in Fort Worth’s Near Southside. From construction on the new Salsa Limon lot to the South Main development, there’s a ton to be excited about and much to share. So, you’ll see many more regular posts from me, and I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and life off Magnolia Avenue.


Before Heim BBQ opened, I knew my life would be forever changed. Not only can I smell the delicious smoked meats from my house six days a week, (they’re closed on Tuesdays…kind of random, I know) but it’s probably the best place to cure my near-weekly craving for Texas-style Southern cooking. Some people might disagree (no disrespect to die-hard Angelo’s or Railhead fans) but this is hands down my favorite barbecue join in Fort Worth, and anywhere else for that matter.

The bacon burnt ends alone are worth the typical wait in their outside-the-door line. And, while they don’t sell out all of the time, I still recommend getting there early to beat the rush and improving your odds at getting the best on the menu. I’ve found the best time to come is for an early lunch. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

My go-to (other than Monday evenings when I make it for their weekly Heimburger offering) is a chopped brisket sandwich with a couple of sides like their potato salad or green chile mac and cheese. But a must here is topping it off with Emma’s Banana Pudding. I usually leave this place feeling so full after gorging myself, but with all of the delicious menu options, it’s hard to have restraint here. My husband recently ordered the potato skins, and I made him share them with me. They are that good.

Owners Travis and Emma Heim have a pretty inspiring story, too. After several years of selling their meats out of parking lots and throwing backyard barbecue parties for friends, their talents and hard-work are paying off. Recently named one of the top 50 BBQ Joints by Texas Monthly, this place is worth all of the hype.  


Bentley’s Now in Business

After several months of waiting, Bentley’s, a craft cocktail and crepe shop, is now open on Magnolia. This quaint, family-owned establishment is the perfect addition to Magnolia Avenue and a much-needed crepe restaurant in Fort Worth.

FullSizeRender (6)

I’m always a fan of breakfast places, and you can enjoy Bentley’s breakfast items 7:30-10 a.m. We stopped in for lunch today, and while I’m a sucker for crepes, it was too hard to resist their menu offerings of the craft dogs. Scott tried the Bentley while I ordered the Pestoroni, and it was hard to pick a favorite as both were delicious and unique in their own way. We also tried their buffalo fries, a light and a tasty addition to the meal.

We were greeted by smiling faces and the service was on point. One of the managers walked us through the restaurant and mentioned their future expansion plans. While there’s currently limited dining space with stand-up counters, it seems that the small walk-in shop is just the beginning. They plan to open their covered patio soon and add more dining space on the second floor of the building they own next door. He also mentioned they plan to expand their hours and menu in the future.

I have to admit when I heard the combination of crepes and hot dogs, I wasn’t so sure. Bentley’s definitely did it right though. With the shop now open, I know my sweet and savory teeth will be pleased with their options.

Details: 1515 West Magnolia Avenue | Bentley’s Facebook Page

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Magnolia Micro Park Adds Neighborhood Family Flair

The Near Southside has been seriously buzzing since we moved here three years ago. With highly-anticipated restaurant openings like Heim BBQ and a variety of neighborhood happenings like Friday on the Green, there’s never a dull moment in this reviving neighborhood.

Even more than the fantastic openings from 44 Bootlegger and Bentley’s, what I’ve most enjoyed lately, are the creative spaces that line Magnolia and give it that funky, hometown vibe. I’m obsessed with this new mural outside of Brewed. It’s such a clever piece of word art and such a sweet offering to the city.
FullSizeRender (3).jpg

One of the latest little hot spots is the new Magnolia Micro Park, the first of its kind in Fort Worth. This experimental public space created by Leadership Fort Worth & the Near Southside Inc. offers the perfect kid-friendly, outdoor environment with hands-on interactive displays like the xylophones and creative crate formations. On Saturdays, you’ll find artists painting, kid-friendly activities and some cool arts and crafts for sale.


This could have easily been a wasted space. Fortunately, the Near Southside and Leadership Fort Worth realize the importance of public space and its impact on sense of community. Next time you’re taking a stroll in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out. Louie sure enjoyed it.

Details:1201 W. Magnolia Avenue | NearSouthsideFW.orgIMG_2998




Cannon Chinese Kitchen

When I first found out about Cannon Chinese Kitchen, the sister restaurant of Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Cafe, I was pretty excited. Tokyo Cafe brings back great memories as that’s where Scott and I had our first date, and Shinjuku Station is one of our favorites for celebrations, good sushi, and the freshest ingredients. Oh, and the Tok […]

Frog Fever

It’s finally here. Football season is the best season, and I love living near my alma mater, TCU. What I love even more is seeing new street art supporting the frogs in the hood. Check it out across from Kent & Co. off of Henderson and Magnolia. Go frogs!  


Treat Yo Self at Melt Ice Creams

One of my absolute favorite places, Melt Ice Creams is where you can find THE best craft ice cream – not just in Fort Worth – but I would have to say, the world. Melt is where happiness is made and served up to smiling faces like me, over and over again. Their flavors change every few weeks, so there’s always something new to try, plus your tasting the freshest ingredients. What I love most about Melt though is the sense of community that is shared here. Located on Rosedale Ave, Melt has transformed this corner and street into a really vibrant place. If you haven’t been, you have no excuse as I will be happy to accompany you anytime. It’s a great spot for the community to gather and enjoy ice cream.

I remember talking to my sweet friend, neighbor and creator of Melt, Kari Crowe a couples years ago about her idea to open an ice cream shop, and I thought it was pure brilliance. How was there not a craft ice cream (the best dessert of all time) shop in Fort Worth, let alone the Near Southside? It was really amazing to see Kari turn her dream into a reality by making the most wonderful ice cream in the most welcoming space. Like many great places in this area, what makes them enjoyable and memorable experiences are the incredible people behind them. Kari’s built an incredible team, so anytime you stop by, you’re sure to be welcomed with a smiling face ready to scoop up some happiness. Not only is Melt flourishing in Fort Worth as a community hotspot and well-known favorite, but they are doing a pop-up in Dallas over the next few months, so our friends to the east can now get Melt Fridays-Sundays!

Follow Melt on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their current flavors. Each phenomenally crafted menu offers something sweet, something light, something vegan and all delicious. You’ll find yourself tasting new flavors and combos you’ve never imagined, and pleasantly surprised. Last night, I tried the vegan coconut curry and it was delicious. I also really loved the Nectar of the gods (think nectarine creamsicle) flavor. Do you have a favorite Melt flavor? I’m always a fan when Avoca Coffee is involved and pretty much everything Kari does.

Details: Melt Ice Creams, 954 W. Rosedale Ave. www.meltfw.com | You can visit Melt Tuesday-Sunday. Plan ahead for a case of the Mondays and purchase a pint (or two) to hold you over. Dallas: Melt is popping up in Oak Cliff for the next 3-6 months inside Urban Acres (1605 N. Beckley Ave. Dallas, Texas 75203) farmstead market Friday-Sunday: 11 am to 9 pm.

Melt Heart Opener

New Fixture in Fort Worth

One of the newest fixtures on Magnolia, Fixture is known for its eclectic, yet delicious menu and cool, local vibe. Next to Spice and Proper right off of Hemphill and Magnolia, Fixture Kitchen and Social Lounge has a prime location in the beautifully-renovated space previously occupied by 24 Plates. I checked it out recently for date night and then again for a Sunday brunch, and both experiences were absolutely solid on food, service and atmosphere. Delicious drinks (Try the lemoonade) and surprising menu items like beet fries and a decked-out PB&J, make this a must-try Fort Worth foodie destination.

Brunch is absolutely one of my favorite weekend activities, so I was happy to find that Fixture is doing it right. Whether you’re in the mood for something on the lighter side or want some down-home cooking, there’s a good mix of options on Fixture’s menu. A few Sundays back, the 3Tree teachers went out for brunch and I was thrilled when everyone was on the same page to try a few starters. All three of the samplings: Texas Beet Fries, Brie & Cranberry Nachos and the Cauliflower Hummus were delicious. I tried the Frittata for my entree (airy, flavorful, and fresh), but couldn’t stop eyeing the Chicken and Waffles or the Fried Bologna Brunch Sandwich. My recommendation for your next trip: go with some friends, try a mix of starters with drinks and even split a couple entrees to get a good range of flavors.

Details: Fixture on 401 W. Magnolia Ave. | Fixturefw.com

3Tree Brunch     Untitled design (1)

3Tree Yoga

It is fitting that after almost a YEAR* hiatus from Off Magnolia, my first post back at it is about 3Tree Yoga. For me, there’s no better addition to the Southside than this place. While sometimes yoga — or more so, making time for your mat on a regular basis — can be a struggle (hence, a yoga practice), 3Tree beams out welcoming vibes. Located off of S. Jennings (right across from Rainbow Lounge), 3Tree offers a calming practice space with bamboo floors, natural light, plus a lovely patio to hang out on pre or post class. Trust me when I say, each time you make it to your mat here, it truly feels like coming home.

People want to know what makes this studio unique, and it is due to the incredible vision of the amazing owners, Austin and Tiffany Denny. Tiffany, a phD in physical therapy, is not only an anatomical genius, but her kindness, wit and love for yoga translates to fun, challenging and all-around inspiring classes. Best of all, she’s built this wonderful yoga community that is completely accessible for all levels. Austin is creative marketing genius who not only makes badass yoga videos, but is a dad, runs a successful yoga business, works full time and is getting his Master’s at TCU. More than anything though, they are the most authentic and compassionate people. It is these people, along with my fellow students and teachers, with whom I am so fortunate to share my yoga home.

3Tree Jewlery

Living less than a mile from 3Tree, I always try to take advantage of riding my bike to the studio. It’s a truly awakening experience that gets me in the best mood for practicing and teaching yoga. One evening after class, I headed to the bike rack out front where I had parked less than two hours before. In a state of yoga bliss, it took me a moment to come to and realize that my little cruiser was nowhere in sight.

After being surrounded by such wonderful souls, I was filled with disbelief that someone would actually steal a bike. For a moment, I started questioning whether I even rode my bike or if I remembered to lock it up. Check and check.

Feeling stranded without my favorite mode of transportation, my yoga high quickly started to dissipate as anger and annoyance bottled up. After a few deep breaths and a comforting talk with Tiffany on the ride home, I started to have faith in humanity again. Much like any conversation with Tiffany, I always learn something new (apparently, bike theft is pretty common, esp. in our hood) and 2. see things from a new perspective (it was probably time to get a new bike anyways).

It didn’t take long though before I experienced some major bike withdrawals, so I started browsing for a new bike online that night. And then, I got an email from Austin. The subject line read your new bike! Inside, was a thread from a local bike enthusiasts facebook group Austin is in. What started as an incredibly kind request from him offering to trade in his bike for something to fit my size, turned into a collaboration of really good people. It was truly magical how they came together, donated parts and even helped put it together — leaving me with a gorgeous, vintage bike that will always serve as a special reminder of the power of kindness and compassion. I was and still am overwhelmed with joy, and want thank each of you, especially Dave Hickey. I hope to thank you in person soon!

This power of kindness and love is exactly what Austin and Tiffany have cultivated within the 3Tree Yoga community. I am so honored to call 3Tree my yoga home, surrounded by inspiring people that truly live out the practice of yoga.

Vintage Red Bike Japanese Frame

*Note: This is NOT due in part to nothing happening in the Near Southside. Because there are so many great places popping up (next up: Fixture, Flying Carpet) — I’ve honestly just been busy trying them all…and going back again and again.

ArtsGoggle in the Neighborhood

This weekend, I was finally able to check out ArtsGoggle, the highly anticipated bi-annual arts & entertainment festival happening all over Fort Worth’s Near Southside, and it was even more amazing to be right smack in the middle of all the fun. Fall ArtsGoggle presented 200 artists, 50 bands and 60 venues throughout three urban villages along Magnolia Avenue, South Main and 8th Avenue; the only complaint I have was that 4-10pm just wasn’t enough time for me to capture all the happenings.

The Near Southside is famous for its eclectic renaissance of culinary and visual arts, and ArtsGoggle is no exception. Everywhere you go, you’ll meet brilliant people and encounter so many different kinds of art: live music, jewelry, paintings, glass blowing to name a few. One of the best parts? Foodie heaven. I simply recommend eating and drinking your way through each village as you stumble upon one great setup to the next. We nibbled on gourmet corn dogs at Bearded Lady, cheese plates at Magnolia Cheese Company and Mexican goodies from the Holy Frijoles food truck.


One of my favorite parts of ArtsGoggle was discovering all the little nooks and crannies that make up this area around Magnolia Ave. Local businesses opened their doors, providing a chance for the public to see what’s really behind the photography studio, hair salon, boutique, and so on – and to meet the incredibly talented people behind them. The Words on Wheels bus, aka the WOW bus was one of my favorites. A relaxed and chic mobile library that will be posted up in and around Magnolia for you to pick up a book, sit down and read a book, or share your own books. So cool.


The festival is completely free, and I loved seeing all the sweet families and lively pups taking advantage of the beautiful fall day. It rained a little bit, but I didn’t mind it. In fact, it was almost on cue as we were watching a live opera performance of Opera Shots on the Live Oak patio. [Opera shots is a free 4x a year event the Fort Worth Opera puts on at local pubs and wine bars to make opera more accessible to everyone.] Although free, I recommend bringing some dough (most vendors take credit cards) because so much of the art is too beautiful to pass up. I took advantage of the funky jewelry finds along Magnolia including the glam jewelry vendor, Chicks and Stones, offering up some incredible precious stones; naturally, I chose a purple stone necklace.


Coming Soon to Magnolia

You’d think that after living on Magnolia a couple months, one would run out of restaurants or new places to check out. With new establishments emerging constantly, there’s always something new to try (or try again and again) in the Near Southside. Here’s a few upcoming openings I’m pretty pumped about:

Cane Rosso | 815 W. Magnolia
I’ve yet to actually try this popular Italian pizza, but anytime I tell people Cane Rosso (“red dog”) is replacing the Ryan’s Grocer space, they get pretty excited and then freak out when I say I’ve never tried it as I’m teaching Thursday nights (when they post up at Times Ten Cellar from 6-9pm). No word on the website as to when they’ll be open, but chances are I’ll be there opening week and will keep ya posted.

Grand Cru Wine Bar & Boutique | 1257 W. Magnolia

I will be frequenting this Fort Worth wine shop moving in across the street quite often. Opening this fall, Grand Cru Wine Bar and Boutique (previously located in Overton Ridge as Grand Cru Wine Shop) is is such a perfect addition to the neighborhood.

Tina’s Cocina | 961 W. Magnolia

Tina’s Cocina, a BYOB traditional Mexican restaurant – focused around fresh ingredients at a great price – is set to open this Tuesday. I’m looking forward to trying this place, and also excited to hear they’ll be open for breakfast, my favorite meal of the day.

Tina's Cocina