Celebrating Life at 90

My grandpa, George Dewey was born in 1923. Fast forward 90 years later, and the Zieser/Dewey clan (from Texas, Arizona and D.C.) came together to celebrate his milestone birthday. As a family, we visit Oregon every summer – usually a trip to Portland, Cannon Beach, Wilsonville and Salem, to name a few, but this trip was different – mostly because we all know that our time with Georgie is limited, and this trip would be for him.

After a family photo sesh in a local park, we gathered around a table in my aunt and uncle’s colorful backyard in Salem for a celebratory feast. We laughed, shared memories and moments that hopefully Georgie will remember and be proud of for the rest of his years. There was so much love all around, and it was very surreal to sit around a table and know that not one of us would be there if it weren’t for him and Nana. ┬áThe two have been married for 64 years, and last night, we relived the memory of how they met, their engagement and so many sweet stories in between. Sure, I’ve seen them bicker and argue like any other couple, but the love, compassion and gratitude they share for each other is extremely hard to put into words. It’s a rarity these days to see a couple share a lifelong bond like they do and all I can do is learn and be grateful to be a part of it.

Not many have the chance to meet their grandparents, let alone share a full bank of lasting memories with them, but if you’re grandparents are around, give them a call, write them a letter, make their day, tell them you love them and cherish them for everything they have done for you. After all, if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be here.

Georgie's 90th Birthday
Cheers to these two!