What – Yoga on a Paddleboard?

I thought it seemed crazy too. For some reason, the idea of yoga – on a paddle board – on a beautiful body of water – seemed so unreal to me, and completely out of my reach; little did I know that Lake Worth Marina Park is a simple short 15-minute drive from downtown Fort Worth and is a beautiful, refreshing oasis. Earlier this summer, a group of the Sumits crew went to try it out, and we had so much a great time. We all walked away feeling accomplished for trying something new, but also refreshed as we took the yoga we are so used to practicing inside (in a controlled, heated environment) to the great Texas outdoors where there are so many fun and delightful distractions. SUP Yoga on Lake Worth

The first yoga class we did on the water was incredible, and I found the stand-up paddle part to be surprisingly more fun and easy than I imagined. Although I definitely fell a few good times, I impressed myself in some poses, too, particularly Tree which is 1,000x harder on water. SUP and SUP Yoga offer a great core workout, but it’s a lot more natural of a movement than you might think. The board is  a wider, longer and more stable version of a surfboard, and standing up, paddling on the calm, glassy lake is one of the most relaxing and freeing experiences. We paddled to a quiet spot along the shoreline and dropped our anchors [to stay afloat as a group] in about six feet of water. When we started the yoga class, I experienced so many of the poses I do daily in such a different way. In down dog, you really have to use your abs to distribute your weight and stay up, whereas on land it’s more of a resting position. We went through a class just like normal, with splashes along the way as people fell into the water, and it was so fun and refreshing to eventually let go of the feat of falling out of poses, when it’s such a sweet treat to have the cool water break your fall.

After that class, I realized that I needed to be a part of sharing this amazing activity with each of you, and so I am so excited to be teaching Saturday mornings through October at the Lake Worth location.

SUP Yoga in Fort Worth

SUP Yoga is a chance for yogis to expand their practice, and it’s a fun challenge for those that may be first time yogis as well. After a class on the board, you will not only appreciate the gift of balance so much more, but you’ll learn how to paddle, you’ll explore your poses in a way you’ve never experienced, and after an incredible savasana to close out class, you’ll feel renewed and at one with nature.

Fort Worth SUP Yoga 

Visit Lakeside Paddle online to book a class.  Equipment is provided and class includes an intro to paddle session.  Have a question about SUP Yoga? Comment below!